The Newbigging Story

Started by Murray E. Newbigging January 1, 1950 after he purchased an existing Funeral Home (Brown Brother's Funeral Home) at 733 Mount Pleasant Road.  Murray ran the business until his death on December 29, 1972 at which point his wife Eileen took over and continued to manage the business until her death on December 7, 1993.  Their son Paul Newbigging took over the operation of the funeral home upon his mother's death and continued to run a successful business in the Leaside community for another 21 years.  After loyally serving their community for over 50 years the Murray E. Newbigging Funeral Home closed down their operations at 733 Mount Pleasant Road and joined together with the Humphrey Funeral Home A. W. Miles Chapel Limited on August 15, 2014 to form the Humphrey Funeral Home A.W. Miles - Newbigging Chapel Limited situated on Bayview Avenue.