Remembering Loved Ones During the Holidays

For those of us who have lost someone, the holidays can be one of the most difficult times of year.  You may feel like family and friends expect you to quickly move on and be happy during family gatherings.  However, a lot of people feel conflicted during the holidays because these same gatherings only remind you of the person you’ve lost.  At Humphrey Funeral Home in Toronto, we would like everyone to know this holiday season that these kinds of conflicted feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, and are perfectly natural parts of the grieving process.  To help, here are a few ways you can remember your departed loved ones this holiday season:

Express yourself

Whether it’s through keeping a diary, writing reminiscences of your loved one for your family to keep for generations, or through photographs or paintings, expressing your feelings in a creative medium has helped many people cope with loss. Expressing what your loved one meant to you is a way to get through the difficult times by remembering all the joy.

Pay a visit

Visiting the resting site of your loved one can be a great way for some people to feel close to someone they’ve lost. Similarly, taking a walk to some of the places you spent time together can help you remember all the good experiences you’ve had together. You can even bring a younger generation of your family to help build new memories.

Help others

If your loved one had a cause or charity they cared about, take time during the holidays to help support it either by volunteering or donating. Continuing the important work of your loved one is a wonderful way to stay connected.

Plant a tree

To honour your loved one’s memory, you could plant a memorial tree on your property. They can be reminders that although your loved one may be gone, the positive effects we all make in the world will reverberate and continue for many years in the future.

Your Funeral Home in Toronto to Help You through Difficult Times

For more than 135 years, Humphrey Funeral Home has been one of the most respected family-owned funeral homes in Toronto. We think it’s important for you to know that however you choose to remember your loved ones, be sure to find the support you need during difficult times. You’re not alone in your grief and there are support groups and communities all around Toronto that can help. Contact us today for any assistance with the help you need.