Carole Iacobucci

Obituary of Carole Iacobucci


When you miss me, look up at the night sky and remember, I’m like a star now;
Even when you cannot see me, I am still there, watching over you

Sunday, September 22, 2013 8:03 AM

When Carole Frances Kerr- Iacobucci passed away on March 14, 2020, she left behind her
beloved husband Frank Iacobucci, seven children, Tony, Frankie, Eddy, Paul, Dean, Robby and
Faith and seven grandchildren; Adina, Sarah, Tony, Angelica, Michael, Abigail, and Tristan.

Carole was able to put a smile on your face,
Boxes, junk and panty-hose cluttered her place.

Carole hated to throw away her precious stuff-
Simply didn't know she had more than enough!

Consider: Carole- you probably knew her as “Che”
“Mom”, “Nana”, “Fat-Lady”, “Boo!” or “Heh!”

Carole, who entered eternal life on March 14, 2020
Her spirit carried on by seven children, and more.

Beloved wife of Frank Iacobucci “YEARS OF FUN!”
Together since September 18, nineteen sixty-one.

Seven grandchildren, who’ve all been kissed,
and every unborn baby will always be missed.

Her four surviving siblings, Norma Willoughby,
Janice Gabnai, (Janet Moffat is in heaven you see!)

Margaret Murray and brother Robert E.A. Kerr
Deceased parents; Patricia Brydges and Allen Kerr.

And an extended family of relations and friends,
Coming from every walk of life, the list never ends!

Carole sends hello to the in-laws and out-laws,
Nancy, Kelly, Francesca, Paula, gives them applause!

Carole was blessed and shared blessings with all!
Taught many valuable lessons, both big and small.

During Carole’s seventy-seven years among them,
She loved them all dearly and was a good friend!


If a plan took up residence in her head,

Couldn’t coax her to do something else instead!

Visits with Carole could last a full day,
“don’t leave! Please won’t you stay!”

‘No casket or funeral’, Carole clearly said,
Just a family farewell in her hospital bed.

Off to the crematorium- IT WAS CAROLE’S PLAN
So kindly pick up her ashes whenever you can.

Please! Call a meeting, gather the clan,
Frankie choose the river and carry out her plan

Carole wanted her ashes sprinkled in a river,
With her family together to be “THE GIVERS!”

Actually, no need for a minister or a sermon.
Hold hands together and say “farewell mom!”

When time allows, share her first Birthday cake,
Have fun together, for her long life, celebrate.

Carole wanted to return to nature in her own way:
Floating on running water on her first BIRTHDAY.

Her love for everyone will never, ever end,
She said “Thanks to every precious friend.”

When you speak her name she will always hear,
Although you don’t see her, she’s always near.

Hugs and kisses for everyone reading this story.
Carole said if she hurt you, she’s sincerely sorry!

When you celebrate, she will be there.
Invite her to Thanksgiving dinner; so she can share.


She implores you: “Take care of Frank, keep him content!
Learn to “listen to him with an accent.”

Never say mean things about anybody, anymore,
For their “poor souls need to be prayed for.”

Help each other, anyone you can,
Be the very best woman or man!

Choose to believe the best about others.
Especially your sisters and brothers.


Watch what your children see online!
Love them forever, sweet child of mine!

Till we meet again on that beautiful shore,
Where we’ll be together forever more!

In her lifetime, Carole held Jesus in her heart.
He will guide her to a sweet new start!

Above all, Carole wrote- to everyone, about
Everything, without a doubt!!!!!!!!!!

You may read this and recall a letter from her
That tickled your funny bone, or made sure,

That you thought of her, that made you say “huh”?
Or that old Carole is crazy, or simply, “Duh?”

Forever and ever Carole will love you
Now go, live your life happily, good luck to you!

Written on Sunday September 22 2013 by Carole Kerr- Iacobucci