Carl Keddy

Obituary of Carl Ivan Keddy


Carl Ivan Keddy passed away peacefully at home in Toronto on October 20th, age 95, his wife Marlene Keddy by his side. He leaves behind his younger sister, Joan Wooder; his children, Nancy and Philip; and his grandchildren, Shauna and Aidan. Carl was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on September 14, 1925, to Ivan Keddy, a shipyard foreman, and Lotti, his wife.


The Great Depression was hard on the Keddy family, father out of work, mother with mouths to feed, Carl being the second youngest of seven children. Carl was a top student. On his days off he arrived early at the local golf club to work as a caddy boy, five cents a round, hoping to be chosen by an American tourist because they always tipped generously. But at age 16 Carl left school to work in the shipyards.


At 18 he volunteered for the Canadian Navy. He served on frigates until the end of the war. The WWII frigate was a small warship designed with a single purpose: to keep American convoys safe by escort and to destroy German submarines with depth charges. The frigates headed south to pick up the convoy going north and escort it part way across the North Atlantic. After his discharge from the Navy in January, 1946 Carl adventured to South America working on a merchant marine ship. On his return to Nova Scotia, now a young man, he decided to go West - to Toronto.


Carl lived with his aunt in Toronto. Massey Harris Co., later Ferguson, hired him as a trainee. He studied engineering science, especially the production of metal castings. His first management position was with a company in Sarnia, the epicentre of Canada’s booming petrochemical sector. Carl, the entrepreneur,  established his first company, then a second, and ultimately all joined to form “KEDDCO Manufacturing Inc.,” which he operated from 1973 until its sale in 2011. Carl continued to direct his one remaining company “Indachem” until his death.


Carl and his first wife Glenna had two children, Philip and Nancy. Carl and Glenna later divorced. In 1996 Carl married Marlene (Krumpen). They lived in Sarnia until they moved to Toronto in 2013.


Many self-made men are also self-educated, as was Carl. While his library was extensive he had a passion for reading poetry and its recital from memory. Carl ensured that his children attended fine schools in Toronto and they both later obtained university and post-graduate degrees. Carl enjoyed visits from his two grandchildren who have now also graduated from university. He was humorous and generous; he dressed impeccably.


Carl was a devout Christian. Much of this came from his mother, who was a regular at church and in the choir. (Father Ivan Keddy may never actually have seen the inside of a church). Carl’s actions were driven by his Christian beliefs and principles to live by. From the time he left school at 16 to help provide for his family he treated family, friends, the public, his business colleagues and employees, guided by the principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. When Carl finally put KEDDCO Manufacturing up for sale, potential buyers were told it was a pre-condition to negotiations that the buyer must keep all employees on staff and with benefits.


A funeral in memory of Carl will be held in early November at the Cathedral Church of St. James in Toronto. Regrettably by invitation only due to COVID-19 protocols. He will be laid to rest in the St. James Cemetery. Donations to the Cathedral Church of St. James or to a charity of your choice would be appreciated.  Condolences may be forwarded through